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Last update - 12th June, 2011

***Currently working fulltime at Rockstar Studios - however still open to freelance side jobs.***

Please feel free to contact me with any freelance modeling/texturing work. You can check out my portfolio of work in my gallery section and view my current demo reel as well….


New Roughcut for my 2011 Modeling Reel.






- Hired as fulltime Character Artist at ROCKSTAR GAMES.


-Finished up working as a Character Artist at KAOS/THQ Studios on "Homefront" available now for XBOX360, PS3 and PC.

- Published in art book “EXOTIQUE 6” by Ballistic Publishing – for “Superhero Girl” - Check it out here:

-Awarded Editor's Choice at www.cghub.com for "Superhero Girl - ENZO3D Promotional Image"


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